Thursday, December 25, 2008

10 biggest Indian wealth creators of 2008

A recent Motilal Oswal wealth creation study stated that only 25 state-owned Indian companies could make it in to the 'top-100 wealth creators' list.
In 2003-08, top 10 wealth creating companies accounted for 49 per cent of wealth created compared to 76 per cent during 1998-2003. The strong bull run in the market has led to wider participation in the wealth creation process.
Commodities led by Oil & Gas had been the front runners in 2003-08. Wealth creation is the process by which a company enhances the market value of the capital entrusted to it by its shareholders.
10 biggest wealth creators of 2008

Reliance Industries; Rank: 1
Reliance was the biggest wealth creator for the second year in a row. The company has steadily climbed its way up the list of Motilal Oswal Biggest Wealth Creators.
It was ranked 4th in 2004, 3rd in 2005, 2nd in 2006 (behind ONGC) and first in 2007.
Chairman: Mukesh Ambani
Wealth created: Rs 307,700 crore (Rs 3,077 billion)
Net wealth created: 12.1% share
Market cap: Rs 180,470.47 crore (Rs 1,804.7 billion)
ONGC (Oil and Natural Gas Corporation); Rank: 2
Chairman: R S Sharma
Wealth created: Rs 159,300 crore (Rs 1,593 billion)
Net wealth created: 6.3% share
Market cap: Rs 143,391.86 crore (Rs 1,433.91 billion)
Bharti Airtel; Rank: 3
Chairman: Sunil Bharti Mittal
Wealth created: Rs 150,500 crore (Rs 1,505 billion)
Net wealth created: 5.9% share
Market cap: Rs 130,831.73 crore (Rs 1,308.31 billion)
NMDC Limited; Rank: 4
Chairman: Rana Som
Wealth created: Rs 135,600 crore (Rs 1,356 billion)
Net wealth created: 5.3% share
Market cap: Rs 21,581.73 crore (Rs 215.81 billion)
MMTC Limited; Rank: 5
Chairman: Sanjiv Batra
Wealth created: Rs 108,400 crore (Rs 1,084 billion)
Net wealth created: 4.3% share
Market cap: Rs 109,255 crore (Rs 1092.55 billion)
Last traded: 21650.45
BHEL (Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd); Rank: 6
Chairman: K Ravi Kumar
Wealth created: Rs 952,00 crore Rs 952 billion
Net wealth created: 3.7% share
Market cap: Rs 66,197.53 crore (Rs 661.97 billion)
Larsen & Toubro; Rank: 7
Chairman: A M Naik
Wealth created: Rs 813,00 crore (Rs 813 billion)
Net wealth created: 3.2% share
Market cap: Rs 22,362.41 crore (Rs 223.62 billion)
SAIL (Steel Authority of India Limited) ; Rank: 8
Chairman: S K Roongta
Wealth created: Rs 727,00 crore (Rs 727 billion)
Net wealth created: 2.9% share
State Bank of India; Rank: 9
Chairman: O P Bhatt
Wealth created: Rs 701,000 crore (Rs 701 billion)
Net wealth created: 2.8% share
Market cap: Rs 812,49.02 crore (Rs 812.49 billion)
ITC; Rank: 10
Chairman: Y C Deveshwar
Wealth created: Rs 617,00 crore (Rs 617 billion)
Net wealth created: 2.4% share
Market cap: Rs 64,970.66 crore (Rs 649.7 billion)

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