Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Reliance Money Complaints - Unethical rs 15 / each trade brokerage charges by reliance money

Reliance Money
Posted: 2009-07-29 by Ashish Bordiya

Unethical rs 15 / each trade brokerage charges by reliance money
Unethical rs 15 / each trade brokerage charges by reliance money

I my self Ashish Bordiya do on line share trade by Reliance Money Plat form.

My point is that if online share trade generates thousands of crores turn over in a single day then it has to be clear & secure by Online operators (Brokers) other wise its just like an online gamble which is worst then a casino gamble because in casino gamble you know why you have lost the money. But in online trade you won’t know why you have lost the money when broker creates some thing unusual by showing their un usual legal boundaries & suck the crores (Very Huge) of amount of money in 2 / 3 days times form consumers pocket & SEBI or else were sleeping to wait for an another events like “Sataym”.

(a) What BSE Says for online trades

"The Bombay Stock Exchange Limited is not in any manner answerable, responsible or liable to any person or persons for any acts of omission or commission, errors, mistakes and/or violation, actual or perceived, by us or our partners, agents, associates etc., of any of the Rules, Regulations, Bye-Laws of The Bombay Stock Exchange Limited, SEBI Act or any other laws in force from time to time. The Bombay Stock Exchange Limited is not answerable, responsible or liable for any information on this website or for any services rendered by us, our employees and our servants."

(b) What Reliance Money Says for online trades

Although Reliance Securities Limited tries to ensure that all information and materials, whether in relation to the products, services, facilities, offerings or otherwise (hereinafter "Information") provided as part of this website is correct at the time of inclusion on the web site, it does not guarantee the accuracy of the Information. Reliance Securities makes no representations or warranties as to the completeness or adequacy or accuracy of Information and expressly disclaims liability for any errors or omissions or delays in updating this information.

According to them they can launch products for trading like limit cards(1 moth to 1 year limit) & collect crores of amount then before expiry of these product with ought giving any advance information’s they introduce another brokerage plan & and make limit card plan use less by charging rs 15 per executive trade, they stars to charge rs 15 per executive 20/07/09 and announcing about this on 23/07/09 on their web site that moment they sucked crores (very huge) of amount from customers pockets by the name of rs 15/- each trade & limit card

And clients are calling, mailing again & aging but they are not giving any response.

Means they can make any rules & regulations by their own any time they feel that they need money “example” -: 200 crore they can change the plan or else quite normally to gain the same.

Sebi or Indian judicial system sleeps to see all these kinds of bluff with their consumers
If any responsible person of sebi or Indian judicial system will just search over the internet they can find thousands of complain against online brokers.

Is it a chit fund organization or an organization of mr. jadeja which is declaring they are no liable for anything

I want to know what consumer protection act does for above mentions situations

(a) Is that they can revert back the amount to the consumers from the faulty company?

(b) How may days it will take?

(c) Is there any online plat form to get back the money?

(d)How much penalty it can provide to consumer (10 times or 20 times or more then of actual amount) why huge penalty is needed? answer if penalty will be on actual basis then no body can control these kinds of situations company appointed is legal adviser who is getting salary for these issues then actual basis solution will be the write choice for them. And 100 out of 2 persons will get hedge to get back their money and problem wont be solved

(e)If same case of a person solved then this will be applied on every suffering consumer?

If sebi, Indian Judicial System, Consumer Protection Act won’t stop these kinds of unethical
Practices permanently then stop online trading


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