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Reliance Money Complaints - Money missing from the account

Reliance Money
Posted: 2008-10-12 by Pavan Send email

Money missing from the account
Hi All,

I am using Reliance Trading account from last one year.It has hell lot of problem I think no other broker service in India has that many problems.

But the biggest problem is money will be missing from the account.The customer care people not at all bothereed atlease they are unable to understand what we are saying.

I have transferred around 15, 000/- Rs from my HDFC saving account to Reliance money. Couple of days I have bought some share of around 12, 000 at the end if I calculate the total money 652/- Rs are missing.

No body knows where that money went.I tired of calling to customer card they are really use less people.
I have faced this problem lot of times.After the calling the customer care around one week they will deposit my money back.

From my experience I have observed that these people are doing all these thing intentionally.If the services are poor we can understand but their intension itself wrong.

Friends, Please be careful with reliance money...They are real corporate cheaters.

Any one has the idea how to register the case against these people ?



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