Sunday, August 16, 2009

Direct Investments can be injurious to your Wealth

Direct Investments can be injurious to your Wealth
It is a time of specializations. You will find specialists, super specialists in almost all fields, but the question here is, how many of us actually avail their services. To quote an instance, let us consider the case of medicines in India, in most part of our great nation, you will find majority of Indians relying on self treatment, thus self medication. To worsen the situation further, pharmacists supply these required medicines on demand in order to boost their sales and even prescribe more to clinch furhter sales. And in the presence of relaxing pharma law agencies, this practice is going on. No doubt, most of the patients are getting timely relief as well, without realizing that this timely relief may turn out to be a night mare for the days to come.

Here, read an old joke. One young lad was driving a Hero Honda motorbike on one highway on high speed. He crossed one passing truck twice and asked the truck driver with a pastering smile, "Have your ever driven Hero Honda". Later the truck driver found the young lad lying crashed on Highway. He stopped his Truck and came near asking the boy, you were asking me about my driving, now what happened. The poor boy replied that I was seeking your guidance about how to apply the breaks.
This piece of humor is enough to illustrate the fact, if you do not know applying breaks, do not drive. So refrain from self medication and do not seek advice from quack doctors.

When, we fall sick, we refer the Doctors. When, our vehicle break down, we go to mechanics. For pursuing education, we go to schools and colleges. And the list never ends. So on. Then, why to experiment with your hard earned money?

The First reason to invest in Mutual Funds is to benefit from the expertise of Fund Managers. Capable and trust worthy fund managers are engaged by the Asset Management Companies and so your investments will be managed under experienced hands. And if this is not enough; do not neglect the role of advisors, good advisors are like your neighborhood family doctors, who will keep you informed about fund managers as per your requirements, various investment avenues, type of fund, time horizons, asset allocation and other factors, crucial for your investments. Your advisor knows you, your family, your earning, your risk tolerance, emphasizing in a sense he cares for you.

Believing in fund house or fund is secondary; first believe in your Advisors. Avail his services in selecting funds, servicing of your investments, continuous updates about status of your funds and so on. For a mere of 2-3 % charge you pay him as a fee, you can capitalize on his suggestions which in turn would be worth fortunes.

It is imperative to understand, there is no free lunch. Benefit from the services of your distributors/advisors to secure your investment for the sake of your investments. Directly choosing funds and investing without a thought can be fatal for your investments. Mind this. Act before its too late.

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