Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Birla Sun Life Insurance Dream Plan

Birla Sun life Insurance Dream Plan is one of the best plan to secure life's Liabilities with maximum insurance coverage at minimum cost with Guaranteed Maturity Benefit.

  • Highlights
    Guaranteed Maturity Benefits
    Options to double or triple the Guaranteed Maturity Benefit by choosing 200% or 300% options.
    100% premium allocation to optimise savings
    Sum Assured(Basic and Enhanced) plus the greater of fund value and Guaranteed fund value is paid as death benefit.
    Enhanced Sum Assured - Choice to enhance life cover anytime during the policy term at minimal additional cost
    As we go through life, we all have dreams, for ourselves and our loved ones. We endeavor to shape our dreams and bring our dreams to reality in the best possible way.To make those dreams possible you need financial freedom and confidence. That's exactly where the Birla Sun Life Insurance Dream Plan comes in. It is a thoughtfully designed savings plan that enables you to achieve your dreams.It helps you to save today … to Secure your and your loved ones future.and yes, it has … Our Commitment.
    Our Birla Sun Life Insurance Dream Plan is a long-term Unit Linked insurance plan that is specifically designed to provide financial security for your future requirements. With us, your future is guaranteed.Our plan combines a guaranteed return on your savings with upside potential based on the performance of the investment funds you decide to invest in. No matter what the future performance of the investment funds is, you are always guaranteed a minimum amount at maturity.Our plan also ensures your nominee, in case of your demise, will get the sum assured you choose plus the value of your savings to date and we guarantee your savings will have earned no less than 3% per annum till date.


    We have some criteria you should consider.
    You can choose a plan term ranging from 5 to 25 years
    You, the Life Insured, must be 18 to 60 of age at entry
    You must be of age 75 or younger when your plan matures
    The Guaranteed Maturity Benefit you choose must be at least:
    Rs. 75,000 for the 100% Guaranteed Maturity option
    Rs. 37,500 for the 200% Guaranteed Maturity option
    Rs. 25,000 for the 300% Guaranteed Maturity option
    The Enhanced Sum Assured you choose, if any, must be at least Rs.50,000.
    You are considering this plan for acquiring financial security in future. With us, you are guaranteed to succeed, no matter what happens.So start today!

    Choose the Guaranteed Maturity Benefit

    The first step is for you to decide on the amount you want to receive at maturity guaranteed. This is the Guaranteed Maturity Benefit.This plan combines a guaranteed return on your savings with upside potential based on the performance of the investment funds you decide to invest in. You are therefore assured that you will receive no less than the Guaranteed Maturity Benefit when this plan matures.

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